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Quick Start Guide

How to setup your new Sysnex Systems, custom gaming PC!

Getting Started

  1. Carefully take the PC out of the cardboard box, remove the foam padding from around the PC.

  2. Lay the PC on a solid surface, glass up. Remove the glass side window.

  3. Remove any anti-static foam from inside the PC, this is inserted to protect the computer in transit. So no parts can move around.

  4. Remove any power cables / WiFi from inside the PC casing and screw golden ends of antenna into the back of the mainboard.

  5. Put the glass panel back on and stand the PC up, connect the power cable. Turn on the switch on the PC power supply.

    Testing your power supply – CyberPowerPC Help Center

  6. Plug your monitor cable HDMI / Display Port / DVI into the graphics card on the rear of the PC. Do not plug your cable into the motherboard, which has USB ports on it. The graphics card is lower down and will only have horizontal display inputs.

  7. That's it, you're good to go. Install desired games and software. Windows is already installed, activated and up to date. System restore is enabled and a restore point has been created. So if you ever need to roll back a change you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my screen black? Why does it say no signal?

You may not have plugged your monitor into your graphics card. The monitor cable (HDMI or DisplayPort) does not plug into the slot near your USB slots, it plugs into the graphics card – which is lower down, horizontal and has three or four HDMI or DisplayPort slots.

If this still doesn’t work, you may have slightly pulled out your graphics card when removing the grey packing foam. Just turn the PC off and give the graphics card a push back into the motherboard, then try again.

Why isn’t my internet / Bluetooth working?

You may need to connect your wifi antennas or USB wifi adapter. If your PC has two gold screw ports on the back, please connect your black wifi antenna(s). If your PC came with a white USB dongle, please connect it for wifi and Bluetooth.

If this still doesn’t work, please turn off the PC, completely remove the black power cable from the back of the PC and leave it unplugged for at least 15 minutes. Then connect the PC up as normal and your connection should work. This step mainly fixes Bluetooth issues.

Why is my computer crashing?

We install current drivers and updates at the office before shipping your PC, though sometimes those updates are sometimes quickly updated again by Microsoft before your PC arrives – if you’re experiencing crashing, please search the PC for ‘update’ and click ‘check for updates’. Even if the PC says it’s up to date, keep checking for updates. Install all optional updates.

Also try to uninstall any programs you’ve recently installed to rule them out.
A restore point was created in 'system restore' before shipping the PC to you, so last resort is to restore back to that point in time. Regular intervals should create new restore points, so there may be a later one available.

As always, never hesitate to contact us if you're still having problems.

We're more than happy to help guide you through any setup required!