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COUGAR Vantar MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Red Switch) with RGB (Black)


VANTAR MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: COUGAR Vantar MX is a keyboard for the committed gamer. With mechanical switches, a fully customizable per-key RGB backlight and one of the sturdiest keyboard designs the world has seen, everything you need to dominate your opponents is here. An Incredible RGB System: Vantar MX is a pleasure to look at. With its 14 lighting modes, including a customizable one and 13 gorgeous preset modes, you will be able to play in dimly lit places, as well as generate the exact gaming atmosphere you need! Low Profile Design: Vantar MX to be highly comfortable during typing sessions. With low profile design that don’t punish your fingers while still providing excellent feedback, Vantar MX is an ideal companion for gamers. Aluminum Frame Structure: When you invest in a piece of gaming gear, you want it to be sturdy, durable and stable. Strong like no other, it stays in its place even when you subject it to powerful keystrokes in the heat of battle. Mechanical Switch: Equipped with COUGAR’s mechanical switch-M, it’s short travel distance and fast actuation. This keyboard offers both total reliability and clear tactile feedback that lets you know when your input has been registered.

  • Low Profile Design
  • Aluminium Frame Structure
  • Mechanical Switch
  • An Incredible RGB System
  • UIX Software


Product Dimensions ‎14 x 45 x 3 cm; 1.1 Kilograms
Item Weight ‎1.1 kg

COUGAR Vantar MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Red Switch) with RGB (Black)
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